The hidden mews of Belgravia and Knightsbridge

London has many secrets — from the corners of Regent’s Park that need to be seen to be believed, to the nature reserve within a stone’s throw of King’s Cross. All you need to find them is a sense of adventure…

So last weekend I took a group from the Explore Quiet Places in London Meetup group on a tour of the secrets behind Belgravia and Knightsbridge, with help from independent tour guide Yannick Pucci. Believe it or not, there are streets in these busy tourist areas that enjoy almost perfect silence and a sleepy village atmosphere, just five minutes from the crowds that keep many Londoners away.

Here are my favourite parts of our walk — this was an adapted version of Yannick’s Macarons and Mews tour, so I won’t give too much away. But if these pictures leave you aching to find out more, why not book one of Yannick’s upcoming walks? Details are at the bottom of the page…

We found perfect peace and quiet (and a dream home) just metres from Hyde Park.

Mews in Knightbridge
Image: A Peace of London

We found Ennismore Gardens, location for Ava Gardner’s ‘little London retreat,’ where she lived for 22 years.

Ennismore Gardens, London
Image: A Peace of London

Followed shortly by the beautiful Ennismore Gardens themselves…

Ennismore Gardens, Knightsbridge, London
Image: A Peace of London

…which also offer a different view of the V&A.

Victoria and Albert Museum seen from Ennismore Gardens, London
Image: A Peace of London

We discovered the secret behind this map in the entrance to a car park in Knightsbridge (clue: can you spot the river running from Hampstead?)

Knightsbridge map, London
Image: A Peace of London

And found Yannick’s favourite quiet spot within metres of the V&A and the Science Museum.

South Kensington, London
Image: A Peace of London

Finally, we found out the fascinating history behind the Lanesborough Hotel.

Lanesborough Hotel, Hyde Park, London
Image: A Peace of London

About Yannick Pucci — tour guide extraordinaire!

Our guide for the afternoon was Yannick Pucci, who is an independent tour guide, Londonist contributor, and British Museum guide. Yannick’s knowledge of the history, culture, and backstreets of London is evident in his guiding style and his passion for showing people a different side of the city is inspiring. He comes highly recommended from many London bloggers, including yours truly!

Yannick runs regular art deco and food tasting tours — our walk through Belgravia and Knightsbridge was an adjusted version of his Macarons and Mews tours especially for our Meetup group. Find out more at

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