The Hoxton Hotel, Holborn: write, eat (and sleep) day or night

There are many things I like about Holborn: the brilliant City Lit evening courses, the long escalator at the Tube station, its proximity to The Hunterian Museum, and now… somewhere to write after-hours.

I’ve been looking for somewhere like The Hoxton for months… somewhere convenient to go after work and not have to leave after an hour because they’re mopping the floor get me out. Somewhere to go for drinks without having to stand in a packed bar and awkwardly act like it’s normal to shout at each other.

Somewhere I can go with my laptop in the evening and not feel like I’m the only person in the world who isn’t drinking cocktails. Somewhere cool that doesn’t take itself too seriously, where the staff will leave me alone with their free wifi after I’ve bought a cup of tea… You get the idea.

Tonight I found that place, and it’s a two-minute walk away from said escalator at said Tube station. The Hoxton is a sleek hotel in the centre of town with a lovely bar downstairs. Grab a tea or coffee (or a smoothie) from the coffee bar, grab a drink from the actual bar: it’s up to you, and they’ll give you great table service at the same time, on a tab if you like. It gets quite busy straight after work, but if you don’t mind a bit of white noise then it’s the perfect place to sit and write for a few hours; it quietens down again during the day though, or after about 8ish in the evening.

The wifi is surprisingly fast for such a big place, and there are no annoying sign-in forms or passwords to get through before you can use it. Just order something and you’re good to go.

Oh, and they have beds, too…

Nearest Tube: Holborn

More information: The Hoxton website

Featured image by Henrik Löwenhamn on Flickr

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