Brockley Market, south London: the ultimate Saturday treat

Food review posts are few and far between on this site, but I’m happy to say that Brockley Market will be one of the exceptions. In fact, I’m almost as happy to tell you about it as I was when I ate a life-affirming breakfast there on Saturday…

Brockley Market is a weekly food market near Lewisham in south London. Stalls come from independent vendors all over London, and their focus on locally-sourced, seasonal produce is really important. There’s everything from rich coffee and organic veg to burritos, butchers’ burgers and flowers to pastries at this little market, and it brings in visitors from all over the area thanks to its laid-back but unpretentious atmosphere.

We had a whole day of south London exploring to do, so we hopped in the car on our way to Lewisham in time for the market to open at 10am. You can also get there via St Johns station just down the road, or Elverson DLR, which is a 10-minute walk away.

Charlotte Gunnell at Brockley Market
Happy breakfast explorers!

The kind of stalls that sell at Brockley Market are the types of places that do one thing, but do it extremely well. For example, Mother Flipper only sell burgers and sides, but it’s no exaggeration to say that their breakfast muffin ranks among one of the top five breakfasts I’ve ever had. Good quality sausage patty between two soft muffin bases, spread with butter and chives and topped with cheese (it also usually has an egg on top)… it doesn’t sound like much, but the quality of the ingredients make it pretty special.

“Dessert” (can you have dessert with brunch?) was a Peanut Butter Oreo cupcake from KookyBakes. I’m not normally a fan of cupcakes, but I’ve been dreaming about this one all week since last Saturday. The icing was light, creamy and so chocolatey, while the solid chocolate topping and WHOLE Oreo biscuit was a treat in itself.


Unfortunately, I didn’t remember to get a photo of it, since I was too busy tucking in, so I’ll have to rely on KookyBakes’ Twitter photo above to show you how lovely it is.

All that was finished off by a rooibos tea from Good & Proper Tea who had decamped from their great tea bar in Old Street to bring their tea and some lovely crumpets to south London.

Brockley Market, south London
The Good & Proper Tea van takes centre-stage

Forget lazy brunches in busy cafes: if you need me this spring/summer, I’ll be eating in the fresh air of Brockley. And I know it’s going to be delicious…

Nearest stations: St Johns or Elverson Road

Opening times: 10am-2pm on Saturdays

More information:

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