It’s the end of Mr Selfridge, so here’s a real 1920s Selfridge’s lift at The Museum of London

I’ll take any excuse to talk about the latest series of Mr Selfridge (especially now it’s officially ended), so when I found out that one of the store’s lifts from the 1920s was sitting in The Museum of London, I had to take a look.

The lift in question dates from 1928. A uniformed female member of Selfridges staff would have operated the lift for the glamorous visitors and customers, and the lift itself is pretty glam too; it’s covered in intricate gold detailing.

It’s not the only must-see for any Mr Selfridge, either: the filming location for Harry Selfridge’s house is at 26 Kensington Gore near the Royal Albert Hall, in the building occupied by the Royal College of Organists.

Exterior of The Royal College of Organists in Kensington Gore, London
This beautiful building near the Royal Albert Hall “acted” as Harry’s house in Mr Selfridge

The Museum of London is organised by time periods, so if you’ve visited before but missed the lift like I did (or just want to see it again to mark the end of the series) then you can go straight to the 1920s.

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday 10am-6pm

Nearest Tube: St Paul’s / Barbican

More information: Museum of London website

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